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Avisoft Bioacoustics

Hardware and Software for InvestigatingAnimal Acoustic Communication Avisoft BioacousticsSch?nflie?er Str. 8316548 Glienick
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Avisoft-SASLab Pro
Sound Analysis Software / Avisoft-SASLab Pro
Harddisk Recording
Sound Analysis
Avisoft Bioacoustics - Downloads
Revision history &News
Avisoft Bioacoustics - News and Revision History
Product selection by application
Product Selection by Application
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Avisoft Bioacoustics - Price List
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Legal notice & Privacy
Legal Notice
Animal Sound Recordings
Ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) as a tool for research on emotion and motivation in rodents
Text books
Avisoft Bioacoustics - Textbooks on acoustic communication in animals

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Avisoft Bioacoustics Hardware and Software for InvestigatingAnimalSensoryCommunication Avisoft BioacousticsSchönfließer Str. 8316548 GlienickeGermany tel +49 33056 426086fax +49 33056 426087infoavisoft.com Software Avisoft-SASLab Pro RECORDER Tutorial Downloads Revision history &News Hardware UltraSoundGate Ultrasound microphones Ultrasound playback Product selection by using Links Sales Price list &Ordering information Service Legal notice & Privacy Animal Sounds Birds Bats, batcalls.com Insects Frogs Rodents Text books Avisoft-SASLab Pro - Bioacoustics Laboratory Software is a versatile sound analysis, editing, nomenclature and synthesis tool. Accelerate your sensory investigations by using the large variety of wide sound wringer options. There is moreover a self-ruling Lite version that still provides many useful tools. more>> Avisoft-RECORDER - Bioacoustics Recording Software provides sound-activated triggering for single or multichannel direct-to-disk sound recording in combination with numerous application-specific options. It supports a wide range of audio interfaces and high-speed data vanquishment devices and includes various playback tools for conducting playback experiments.more>> Avisoft-UltraSoundGate 116Hm - Ultrasound Recording Device is a high-quality and fully integrated solution for recording ultrasound in air. The well-constructed kit consists of a sensitive externally polarized condenser microphone with extension cable, the Avisoft-RECORDER USGH software and a microphone clutch with mini tripod. We believe that this is one of the most wide and rugged bat sound recorders that are currently available. more>> News Introducing the Generic USB Audio Devices USG 116Un and 116Unb.more>> Introducing the 4-channel playback device UltraSoundGate Player 416H. The UltraSoundGate models 816H and 1216H are misogynist then with a new, increasingly reliable form factor. ProBat version 5.2 now moreover suppports the Avisoft USG x16Hnbm bat monitoring systems. An UltraSoundGate-based bat monitoring system specifically designed for wind turbines is now misogynist from bat bioacoustic technology. The latest version of the RECORDER software adds a real-time spectrum exhibit option. more>> Introducing UltraSoundGate 416Hnbm for bat monitoring applications more>> © Avisoft Bioacoustics last modified on 16 February 2017 www.avisoft.com